What is your favorite genre of music?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Brandi Dodd, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Brandi Dodd

    Brandi Dodd New Member

    I love music and lots of different types. Looking to find some new groups to add to some of my playlists. What you you all recommend?
  2. LittleMissSarah

    LittleMissSarah Member

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    A great, fun genre that I enjoy is electro swing. It's similar to big band but with a modern twist. They redo both old songs, and make new music. I'd recommend checking out the playlist below, they're some of my favorite elecro swing songs!

    Some other interesting groups I like are
    Goldfish (an electronic band with some crazy videos), Fluer East (a one hit wonder with a jazzy feel), 5 Seconds of Summer (an australian boy band, no more info needed), Jax Jones (definitely an up and comer music mixer, has started pairing with famous singers to make himself known), and The Postal Service (an older band that inspired Owl City, so they feel very similar).

    Also, check out those links I provided for some of my favorites by each artist.
  3. Brandi Dodd

    Brandi Dodd New Member

    I like ty for this.
  4. Prozzyy

    Prozzyy New Member

    electro swing is really good but EDM and house are one of my favorites

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