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Discussion in 'HarvestMC Discussion' started by Lordy, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Lordy

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    Recently donated to rank Noble and when I tried to purchase rank upgrade to Traveller there was a problem with Paypal. Fairly sure the error is on Paypal but hopefully it gets fixed.
    IGN is Admin_DaddyLord btw.

    Also I've retried it at least three times over the span of an hour, still didn't go through.

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  2. BenguMC

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    Minecraft account: BenguMC
    This is very strange to me, and you're not the only one this has happened to today... I have tried a few things on my end but none seem to change the outcome. With this being said there has been processed payments since your last payment and I was able to process payments this morning just fine. I recommend waiting at least 24 hours and trying again. Thanks for your support and dedication.
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  3. SymSeb

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    This has actually happened to me when i purchased rank hero to emperor. I don't think its related to either party if I'm honest i think its a PayPal problem when sending through money. When the money is held up on the paypal end I'm pretty sure buy craft just has no clue whats going on and doesn't end up handing out the purchase to players. Id advise anyone when buying a rank to keep proof of their purchase.

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