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  1. DeadlyFirex

    DeadlyFirex Member

    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
    Hey everybody!
    I have seen much of tutorial how the server works, and I like them!
    Must seen --> Information: Connection, Drops, TryHards and Donkey's.

    | First...
    Welcome! We will talk about some starting things!
    When you begin, you will begin in the spawn! First, I will talk about the structure of the server. And how it works!

    |Structure of the server...
    Harvestcraft is a unique coded server with one thing that's clear: Harvesting.
    That's right! Harvestcraft wants to be "unique" from other servers! First, Harvestcraft is builded up in plots, everybody can get one, and that's a 160x160 wide island, that is yours, if you are not familiar with plots, read the section "Plots". In game there are two kinds of ranks:
    First: Donor ranks, they give you many in-game benefits, like /fly (lets you fly!) or a color at your name, and a notifier that says that you log-in, or trails, kits, or even more things! I suggest you to buy fast! There is a sale-off going on and use the coupon code=(HC10) to get again a 10% off! The next kind is the ingame ranks! See further in this article to read about them! Next, here are the order of the donor ranks and their benefits:

    | Ranks

    | Nomad (4.88 USD)
    | Noble (11.38 USD)
    | Traveller (22.75 USD)
    | Hero (35.75 USD)
    | Knight/Lady (55.25 USD)
    | King/Queen (107.25 USD)
    | Emperor/Empress (211.25 USD)

    | The beginning...

    First, you have been spawned by the town, a place where you can trade everything, from blaze rods, to legendary items! First, do /p auto, to get your own plot! One of the first things is to start making a farm, with the seeds that you got in the starter kit! Make it productive and less design. Begin with a simple wheat farm, next in the game you could make more design and more kinds of food. Next thing is making a house, and a storage room, I always say better now that later! Because if you are further in the game, it will take you too much time to sort every kind of resources. After making a house and a farm. I should say that you will make a underground mining room. Also, when you complete that, I should say that you will sell the wheat you got and sell them at the shop. (see the section "Commands" for a useful commands to TP to the shop.
    | Tips

    1. Never make in the begin too much design, take it more at the productivity.

    2. Wait with spending money and selling items, I should say, first make the plot and the profit high.

    3. Ask others for help, they can help you, but please don't spam them full with begging after them saying no, that will make you only worse in our eyes. If you need help with something, you can also talk with me, my IGN name is "DeadlyFirex".

    4. You could expand your plot to the max. (do this only if you are very much further in the game).

    5. Vote much, they will earn you much keys! (see the section "Crates" to know more about them!)

    6. Get yourself the best tools! Do the farming strategic!

    7. And try to sell much of your things in /ah! There you could sell your items to other players! Further, the admins are still thinking about a player shop again!

    8. Spend your time strategic! Make a planning, like 12:30: Wheat farming, and kinda like that!

    9. Make a to-do list. So you never have nothing to do!

    10. Buy a rank, it will help you
    very much with harvesting and farming!
    With things like /fly, your IGN life will me much better ;).

    11. Do /p flag set notifier-entry true and /p flag set notifier-leave true. It will notifier you when somebody entrys or leaves your plot.

    12. If you are a war machine, and want to level up, I will highly recommend you to do /p set biome hell, it will make your biome grass a little darker and it will let spawn mobs like in the nether, very useful for leveling.

    |Warning|: The pigmans are very hard to fight in very much numbers! I will highly recommand at least a full diamond set, a magical sword and some skills!

    13. Build a box, with one door, to prevent looking eyes from visiting your plot, get in the box and do --> /p set home. Only players that are added or trusted will be able to get your plot in ;).

    14. You can try to upgrade your keys with a change game with one of the villagers! Visit the spawn and search for him! Very nice change to covert rare to epic and epic to legendary!

    | IGN Ranks

    First, IGN Ranks are intended to indicate about your status ;), and are also used to upgrade your plot. How? Every rank-up will make you can sell and buy more things, and it will higher the mob-cap in your plot. If you want to know what that is, go to the section "Plots". Here are they!

    1. Peasant (Default)
    2. Farmhand ($450)
    3. Apprentice ($2800)
    4. Craftsman ($22.500)
    5. Merchant ($274.000)
    6. Artisan ($3.750.000)
    7. (Prestige*) ---^

    (*Prestige will take you to Peasant back, and will show one star, wich means that you leveled one time to prestige, and you will earn one 10% sale off on everything in the town shop! You can max. have 5 stars.)

    | Plots...

    Plots is a plugin that make you have one island of 160x160 blocks. First, do /p auto to get one! Everybody will get
    ONLY one. Nobody have more plots that one! If you are totally not familiar with plots, then you are at the right address! Also for the people had some experience with plots, here it comes!
    Experienced with plots:
    Hey! It seems you have some experience with plots! I suggest you to look at this small but powerful tutorial! Somethings that are good to know:

    1. "Mob-Cap" is the maximal amount of mobs in a plot, every time you will rank-up it will be more, you can't change it!

    2. Flags are a type of code that handles a plot condition and its situation, also "mob-cap" is a flag.

    3. You can add and trust people to your plot, be careful when doing this! "Adding" means that someone will only have access to your plot when the owner is online, "Trusting" means that he haves access to your plot, no matter if you are online or you are not.

    | Crates

    Hey! You can get keys, ranked in types, from rare to mysterious, in /ah you can get them by voting, and with a special kit! (not default). Here are the order of the keys, from worse to best:

    [Rare] Mysterious key --> Not hard to get at all, good for beginners!
    Epic] Mysterious key --> Meeh, not too hard to get, go to the tips for a good tip!
    Legendary] Mysterious key --> Nice to have it! Very good change! Good items!
    Mysterious] Mysterious key --> Very hard to get! Really! All the award are good!

    | Commands

    Here are some useful commands that will sure help you with your way:
    ( when <...> is showed, it means it is very needed, if you see text between this [...] it means it is just extra. If you see text between {...} that means all the possible arguments.)

    /p auto --> Will give you a plot
    /p add <player name> --> Allows a player to have access to your plot when you are online.
    /p trust <player name>--> Allows a player to have access to your plot, no matter if you are online or not.
    /p untrust <player name>--> Entrusts a player
    /p info [x;y] --> Shows helpful information about a plot.
    /p flag {set:info:list:add:delete} --> Edits flags
    /p visit {playername,x;y} --> Visits a players plot!
    /p set biome <biome> --> Sets your biome
    /p delete <player name> --> Deletes a player from your plot.
    /p deny <player name> --> Denies a player from entering your plot, or visiting it!
    /p kick <player name> --> Kicks a player!
    /p middle --> TP's you to your plot middle!
    /p set home --> Sets your plot home. When you do /home, the place where your are standing at.

    /tpa <player name> --> Request that you will teleport to that player.
    /tpahere <player name> --> Request that a player will teleport to you.
    /tpaccept --> Accept a teleport request.
    /tpyes --> Same as /tpaccept
    /tpdeny --> Declines a request.
    /tpno --> Same as /tpdeny
    /qs --> Shows a interactive GUI that will take you to the shops
    /bal --> Shows your balance!
    /baltop [page] --> Shows top-balance of players
    /bal <player name> --> Shows the balance of a player!
    /fb off --> Disables the scoreboard!
    /fb on --> Shows the scoreboard!
    /pay <player name> <amount> --> Gives a player the amount of money. You cannot give more than you have ;)
    /ah --> Shows the player-shop
    /ah sell <price> --> Sells the item in your hand!
    /ehelp --> Shows a help!
    /espawn --> Goes to the spawn!

    See the next part of the beginners tutorials!

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  2. BlobbyGuy

    BlobbyGuy BloBloBloB Administrator

    Is p set biome still not disabled, I swear I've disabled it like 3 times
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  3. DeadlyFirex

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    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
    But do you like it? I'm still making a new part!
  4. fride360

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    Nice DeadlyFirex!
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  5. DeadlyFirex

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    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
  6. BlobbyGuy

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    Love the use of colors :)
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  7. DeadlyFirex

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    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
    Thanks! I spended much time at it
  8. Mason_TryHards

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    Minecraft account: Mason_TryHards
    Should include a clickable link for me and Donkey's guide :cool:
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  9. DeadlyFirex

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    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
    Sure ;)
  10. DeadlyFirex

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    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
    Damn gotta fix the gramatical faults abd start making a new part, like the idea?
    And i'm VERY happy with 293 views, gonna hit 3k? Means that 13% readed this, well i'm happy!

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