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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by BlobbyGuy, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. BlobbyGuy

    BlobbyGuy BloBloBloB Administrator

    Howdy farmers, we're looking for some neat trinket suggestions!
    If you've got some ideas post them below! Here is a format that you can follow



  2. Alpine308

    Alpine308 New Member

    Name: summoner
    Item: end rod
    Concept: summons Simons to attack for you, possibly could be upgraded some how for chance for better mobs to spawn (eg; putting a villager who trades 2 rods and 50 shard chests gets tier 2 summoner rod)

    Name: Bomb
    Item: firework star
    Concept: works like TNT when mining or excavating but can only be used every (varied time)

    Name: snorkel
    Item: sugar cane
    Concept: creates a water pocket when under water or creates a water breathing potion effect.

    Name: World Modifyer
    Item: wood axe
    Concept: world edit tool but can only use blocks in inventory.

    Name: Fixer
    Concept: lets you restore a little bit of durability for either health hunger or xp.

    Name: Golden Touch
    Item: gold ingot
    Concept: you gain a small amount of money from farming, mining, and killing mobs.

    Name: featherfalling
    Item: feather
    Concept: grants no fall damage when people cannot fly.

    Name: Party
    Item: Firework
    Concept: shoots a firework show around the player when activated(not sure how to have this as a infinite use item,possible make this obtained in multiples of 10 or somthing)

    Name: Death
    Item: charcoal
    Concept: anyone or anything hit with this gets poison either and gets blindness.

    If you want more I can try but I am going to leave it at this for now

    Name: VeinMiner
    Item: tnt
    Concept: mines all corresponding blocks within (block range. eg: mine 1 cobble 5x5x5 cube is mined out as long as all the blocks in that cube are cobblestone)

    Less a trinket more a rare item.
    Name: Chunk Loader
    Item: sign
    Concept: loads the block the sign is placed on (if sign is placed on spawner the spawner constantly spawns, even if someone isnt near it)
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  3. jpink6

    jpink6 New Member

    Name: Farmers Luck
    Item: Sponge
    Concept, When in off hand, increases the amount of shards (and or) Tokens when harvesting crops

    Name: The Warding
    Item: Enchanted Obsidian
    Concept: Gives an additional set of unbreaking enchants on held tool

    Name: Ball Of moss
    Item: Enchanted Vines
    Concept: Gives A slow Regeneration of heldtool, while in

    Name: Undying Light
    Item: Enchanted sea Lantern
    Concept: wont let the tool Break, But wont let you use the tool until its repairedoffhand

    Name: The mega Sapling
    Item: Enchanted dead bush
    Concept: While in off hand auto replants trees

    Name: Boots Of Cold Walking
    Item: Enchanted Boots
    Concept: Walk on lava to turn into obsidian, Walk on water to turn into ice

    Name: Portable Tank
    Item: Enchanted Ice
    Concept: Allows you to pick up liquids, (lava and water) in a 5,5,5 space, and place it either all at once, or one at a time

    Name: Backpack
    Item: Enchanted Chest
    Concept: While in off hand, any items picked up go into a Portable inventory, connected to the item
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  4. martin001007

    martin001007 New Member

    Minecraft account: MrRaveMC
    Name: hunters compass
    item: compass
    Concept: makes the chance of keys increase by a small amount (maybe if the chance is 0.1% then increase that by 0.25% so its now a 0.125% chance it works like jpink6s farmers luck just with keys instead:) could be boosting both? not sure if thats OP

    Name: farmers magic wand
    :item enchanted stick (any enchant)
    :concept sells the crop with a 10% more value when in hand

    Name: Small shard booster
    item: Shard or what the shard thing is
    concept: 1 time use works like a shard booster but for short amount of time

    dunno if this is a trinket but well its a idea:) and maybe make it like 5 min to balance it and make the chance to get 1 low
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  5. LittleMissSarah

    LittleMissSarah Member

    Minecraft account: LittleMissSarah
    Name: Soulsand Walker
    Item: Enchant on boots, or ingestable magma creme/blaze powder/blaze rod
    Concept: Walk normal speed on soul sand - useful for nether and farming

    Name: Horseshoe of Endless Travel
    Item: Saddle
    Concept: Place on horse/donkey/mule to give them frost walker.
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  6. Fergcraft

    Fergcraft New Member

    Name: Minion
    Item: Armor Stand?
    concept: auto-sells x farming items per second, could be more common and stack-able up to 16.
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  7. DeadlyFirex

    DeadlyFirex Member

    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
    Name: Demon's blood
    Item: Redstone
    Concept: Gives you a postive battle affect randomly trough the game (optional: only when you get attacked)

    Name: Death's Saver
    Item: Totem of undying
    Concept: Literally the totem effects plus postive heal effects all the time
  8. Ming

    Ming Server Staff Moderator+

    Name: Lucky Trousers

    Item: Leather Leggings

    Concept: This could probably be an early reward for quests or achievements. It boosts the likelihood of keys dropping.
  9. LittleMissSarah

    LittleMissSarah Member

    Minecraft account: LittleMissSarah
    Name: Worms
    Item: Netherwart
    Concept: Increase fishing chance.
  10. DeadlyFirex

    DeadlyFirex Member

    Minecraft account: DeadlyFirex
    Name: Rocket boots
    Item: enchanted diamond boots
    Concept: Lets you literally fly, not like the old boots

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