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    Hello Hello! Players of HarvestMC, in the next coming month a project will be unfolding by yours truly. It is dubbed the Spirex Estates project! Now from the name alone you can gather what this may be? I will be making a neighborhood with homes that players will be able to buy and rent for in-game money. Some will be small homes to some being full sized mansions. of course, there will be complimentary items, such as a wheat, sugar cane, cacti, and potato farms with each basic/normal home. To the mansions of course well, we can say they get up to Master ranked farms.

    The homes will be in a Modern style, whilst some of the mansions will be a Victorian. At the estates, there will be a lake for fishing, public mine, Forests for wood chopping, and a near-by Mall that players will be able to go to for goods of any kind!

    At best, to add on to this there will be in-game tournaments, such as Spleef arenas, TNT run, or fun machines, or parkour to other activities to keep players active in the Spirex Estates.

    Prices and homes designs and the place is still being worked out. I will post updates a long the way.

    Project start date: 4/5/19 Project completion date: Possibly 5/5/19

    Thank you, and have a lovely rest of your day Harvesters!

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