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  1. Nick_P20

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    So who here has played Skyrim as much as I have (about 3 years in game)? I have played the game so much someone could tell me the name of a quest and ill tell you what you need to do. I have also been as high as level 115 (legit).
  2. BenguMC

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    I've never even bothered picking it up.
  3. How many hours do you have logged?
  4. Skye

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    I've played Skyrim for so long! It's one of the best games out there in my opinion. I just got Skyrim Special Edition, which was a big upgrade from my vanilla Skyrim.
  5. Ming

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    Skyrim is one of my all time favorite games!
  6. Illumihawti

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    i don't have 3 years worth but i have a whole lot
  7. Squally

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    Probably my favorite single player game, up there with Borderlands 2 but I mostly play that co-op. I have 484 hours on vanilla Skyrim on steam, but that doesn't count the many hours I've played offline, modded, or on my PS3. Also if you really did have 3 years in-game you would have more than 25,000 hours. Even if you do have that many hours there is no way that represents active play time. I'm the same way with characters and quests, except I'm horrible with names so I am always trying to figure out who people are by the things they say or their appearances lol. I have memorized a lot of the puzzles in the game though, like the patterns on the claws and the stone-turning ones.

    It's almost been 7 years since they released TESV and they keep delaying the next game with bull-shit like ESO and "special edition." And don't even get me started on ESO, so much potential down the drain.

    Edit: The proof [​IMG]

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