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    Minecraft account: MrRaveMC
    READ ME: This is just my personal ideas so dont hate my ideas but if you would love to argue if something is not good then you are ok to comment:)

    so im sure alot of people have asked for this but i got an idea how to add more ranks, we could do so wheat sugarcane cactus isnt avable for peasant so there should be a new rank that unlocks like sugarcane and cactus instead of peasant having 4 crops the same thing happens with other crops too

    if you want to add even more ranks then you could add ranks that gives 5% sell bonus or something? or you could do that with the prestige

    List of new rank names


    i kind scrapped a idea about a rank called Landlord because there is a new plant for every rank i kinda wanted to have landlord instead of artisan but i think people like to stick to artisan as the last rank

    the only reason peasant got cactus is because cactus arent that useful

    Now all the ranks and what they would cost (+ sell booster just a idea)

    Peasant (getting it from the start) has wheat cactus and oak tree
    Pilgrim ( 450$ ) unlocks sugarcane
    Aprentice (3200$) unlocks pumpkin unlocks spruce unlocks a 5% booster does stack
    Farmhand ( 11500$ ) unlocks melon
    Craftsman ( 41500$ ) unlocks potatoes (this will make farming potatoes happen more often carrots has been the chosen one for a long time
    Herbalist ( 115000$ ) unlocks carrots unlocks birch wood unlocks a 5% sell booster
    Trader ( 345000$ ) unlocks beetroots unlocks acacia wood (new price on beetroot = 2000$ each, carrots are easily chosen instead of beetroot so the beetroots dont really got a purpose)
    Merchant ( 775000$ ) unlocks cocoa beans unlocks dark oak wood unlocks 5% sell booster (New value for cocoa beans = 4000, this may seem like a lot but fortune doesnt work on cocoa beans so they should be worth more)
    Master ( 2150000$ ) unlocks netherwarts
    Artisan ( 4250000$ ) unlocks chorus unlocks jungle wood

    a new but not that good idea
    Prestige+ ( 150 mil $ ) 10% sell booster, ranks cost 125% more
    Prestige++ ( 337.5 mil $ ) unlocks a 25% sell booster which is 50% sell boster in total with all the other sell boosters

    the price to rankup is just what i feel like they should cost
    Now i understand a Server reset would be needed for this to happen but it could be a idea for when the server resets

    this took around 30 min to write and get the ideas of the rank names hope u like some of the ideas:) and i would really love to see more ranks in the game there isnt really something special about those lower ranks
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  2. martin001007

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    Minecraft account: MrRaveMC
    if a extra rank is needed to make my prestige idea better then Landlord could be instead of artisan and then artisan costs 17.5 mil for a 5% sell bonus only works on 1st time getting the rank
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    I really like the idea of there being a rank in between merchant and artisan because thats a huge jump
  4. martin001007

    martin001007 New Member

    Minecraft account: MrRaveMC
    i like that these ideas is now in the game it means alot to me:)
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