Hiya, I'm LunerHive :D

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    Minecraft account: LunerHive
    I am LunerHive, normally goes by luner....please don't call me hive. I am 20 year old female in the US, that enjoys poisonous potatoes in MC too much. I like anime,manga, games and nature. I also enjoy building in minecraft and farming. I have a slight disability when it comes to my spelling and talking so please go easy when I misspell or cant say something right :). I am very sick atm but fighting to get to high school to finish my dream! I am shy type of person but try talking to me for a little while I start to show my quirky normal side :D. I am a calm and friendly person please say hi to me in chat sometime it makes me happy inside! I hope to see you around <3
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    Heyo Luner! Welcome to the forums! :D
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    Hii Luner!Happy to see you here.

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