Hide yo chains, man, it's Squally

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    IGN: SquallyBox
    Boy: Yes
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'11"
    Sign: Sagittarius
    4/20 Friendly?:
    Always. :D
    Info: Sup guys I am an English major but I have interests all across the board. I'm thinking of going for a creative writing minor and possibly a math minor, and I previously was majoring in Psych and Physics. I know I want to get my Bachelors in English because I am on track to graduate with honors for that degree. I love to joke around and have fun and will get along with anyone that doesn't try to take me too seriously.

    In the real world I am often doing stupid shit with my friends, working, or getting higher than the Empire State. Speaking of the Empire State, I live in NY but am 2 hours from the city on Long Island so don't ask me what it is like living in a city. I go hiking and kayaking quite a bit, and try to free-write as much as possible. I have a few short stories I am working on but nothing too official in the works quite yet.

    Online I am always looking for people to play games on steam or online with, I have League, Borderlands (all of em), Stardew, 7dtd, and a bunch of other quick an fun multiplayer games (Duck game, Nidhogg, Who's your daddy, etc.) just ask me for my steam if you wanna play! Also my discord is Squally #1018 feel free to add me, might want to send me your IGN too if you want me to actually accept you lol.

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    nice to meet you honey

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