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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PoisonTreeNine, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. PoisonTreeNine

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    I'm new to playing on servers, so I might be a bit slow at times. Otherwise I hope that I'll be able to learn quickly and make friends!

    Here's a bit of info about me (since I have to make 5 posts before joining the server)

    I started off playing Minecraft on Console, then went Mobile, and finally I'm on PC. I normally play heavily modded games, and have been trying to relearn playing vanilla in preparation for the new Ocean update that should be coming out sometime 2018.

    Also I'm kind of a slow builder. I usually use SketchUp or just plain Pen & Paper to make a design before building it. And I decided to try out this server to fill the void in my life left by Harvest Moon/Rune Factory games, all while awaiting an update to Stardew Valley.
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  2. DarkenDuchess

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    Thanks for joining and welcome to HavestMC! :D we have all walks of Minecraft here so anything you need help with or have a question please let us know :D I am also excited about the ocean updates. Although I am more of a builder and get more excited over new block styles and materials but that's what's so great about this sandbox. Always something for someone:D

    Welcome! <3
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  3. BlobbyGuy

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  5. fride360

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    Welcome to Harvest!
  6. LunerHive

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    Minecraft account: LunerHive
    Welcome! I am also excited for the new ocean update! I love your profile pic also <3

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