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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Brandi Dodd, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Brandi Dodd

    Brandi Dodd New Member

    Hey peeps. brandidodd32 here but you can just call me Brandi. My husband __MILO__ and I joined not to long ago and really like it here. Love building fun and interesting builds and helping others. Need anything just let me know and will be glad to do what I can. Much love and light to you all. Blessed Be
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  2. BlobbyGuy

    BlobbyGuy BloBloBloB Administrator

    Hi Brandi! Nice to me you :)
  3. LittleMissSarah

    LittleMissSarah Member

    Minecraft account: LittleMissSarah
    Welcome to the server!
  4. DarkenDuchess

    DarkenDuchess Member

    Hi Brandi and Hubby. :D Nice to meet you both! I look forward to seeing your builds in minecraft! Glad you guys found a home here on HarvestMC. Im new myself and I really enjoy the atmosphere. Please let me know if you need help in any way ;D again welcome to HarvestMC <3

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  5. Brandi Dodd

    Brandi Dodd New Member

    Already have some build if you wanna pop on over and check them out

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