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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Laffini, Jan 9, 2018.

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    I have heard many complaints about the economy on the server from a lot of rich/poor players, as well as notable players in the community and donators. I decided to create a forum post as I have some suggestions to fix and ways to prevent it happening again in the future.

    Currently, money has no value on the server. People are able to get on baltop in a couple of hours. The AH is full of items with no real price point and no one really knowing how much anything is worth with huge spreads.

    To fix this, I suggest creating an item with a variable price. This item could be gold, an item that has value regardless of the economy due to its uses in game. To implement the variable price it would need to be removed from /qs and have an exchange, perhaps at spawn or market. The price changes depending on people buying and selling and how many have been sold in a space of time, similar to stocks irl - a server I played on a few years ago, MeepCraft, had this, but removed it after a reset. Perhaps, it wouldn't need to be removed on /qs but it would result on the price being capped between: $12000 and $275 per stack.

    What are the benefits of doing this? It will allow people to gauge a price for other items with regards to real demand and price points set by the market. As more money is added on to the server (As there is no limit on the amount of money that can be on the server) the price of this gold *should* increase, as people can afford more, this removes money from the server cap, resulting in greater spending power for player's money as well as creating some scarcity. It is also new content for players to enjoy, whether it be to store value of their money, try play the market but buying the dips and selling the top or for easy trade. Some issues with this could be people dumping large amounts of gold, however this is countered by gold still having a value in the game, meaning people will get "discount" gold, while also assuring the true value of gold on the server.

    I have a couple of other ideas, but this idea is definitely something I would like to see added and believe would again add value to the economy.

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