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Hey Farmers!

Are you interested in showing off your building skills and earning cool prizes for them? If so, we have an awesome offer for you - The Admin and Building Team are hosting our very first building competition! The rules are pretty simple and so is the way to submit your builds. All of the information regarding the competition are discussed below:

Theme: Spring
Time limit: 2 weeks (March 30, 2018 - April 13, 2018 11:59 PM CST)
Where: Anywhere - the server or your own world
Judges: The Admin and Builder Teams

1st place: Emperor/Empress
2nd place: King/Queen
3rd place: Kit Keys Voucher

1) Please keep it relevant to the assigned theme.
2) No vulgar/graphic/inappropriate builds - you will be disqualified immediately and may not be able to participate it future competitions.
3) No copying and/or cheating! This is considered plagiarism and it is punishable by law (not to mention extremely rude) so please don't do this!
4) One entry per player.
5) Staff members may enter too (except Admins and Builders).
[Future rules may be added so be aware of changes!]

How to submit a build:
1) Click the "Application Forms" button on the navigation tab or click the "New Thread" button in the "Building Competition Entries" forum.
2) It should bring you to a page where it will ask you for your in-game name, your builds, and anything you would like to say.
3) After that, hit submit and your entry will be entered. That's all that's to it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a staff member or reply to this thread. We strongly encourage every community member to participate! We really want to have more competitions and events and you guys showing us that you're interested as well as giving us suggestions for future things helps out a lot with planning and future ideas!

*If you already have the rank you win, it will be compensated.
by BenguMC at 9:03 PM
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Hey Farmers!

As you may have heard around the server working on a pretty big update... Up to this point we have not confirmed or denied anything, but in this post we would like to set things straight.

Firstly, we are working on a large update for HarvestMC, and it will be coming in the next few months. This update will change the game in it's entirety forever. We would like this update to bring us up to speed in many areas we currently lack, and are hoping that we will see an influx in player base to follow. While the server is excellent in it's own form, we will be the first to point out it's many issues. For instance, here are the ones that come to mind immediately, and we hope we can fix.

  • Current Spawn/Town
    • Our current spawn is far from the best build wise, so we would like to update it.
    • Our spawn currently houses 40+ NPC's in a very small area causing many lagging attributes to the server's overall health.
  • Plot System
    • While the plot system can be fun, and allows for some creative content, it's dated and needs to be changed. We have ran with some sort of plot system since the server has started in August of 2013. Upon an update to the server we would like to change to an open-world system that has a claiming system. This will be in a custom generated world.
  • Lack of Content/Custom Items
    • On our current build of the server we have many custom items and trinkets, but we lack the lore behind them to make them creative. We need more custom items in the game to add flavor to the experience, and would like the communities help in coming up with names of items, lore of items, and further content. Please let us know your brilliant ideas!
    • Add to our lists of community ideas here: http://www.harvestmc.net/forums/index.php?threads/trinket-suggestions.1044/#post-1856
  • Lag Spikes, Server Crashings, and Server Health
    • The server as a whole is on a 32 GB Dedicated Server and should be able to handle much more than what we are throwing at it, the issue becomes one unique to our server in the sense that we have things other servers don't have at all. One of our largest issues is that we are running on a lot of outdated code, this update has and will fix the issue of our code lagging the server.
    • A second issue that we are experiencing is the issue of our compatibility, we are currently running a server base of Spigot 1.9.4, this is a severely outdated...
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With a lot of confusion on how to link your account on the Discord, I created a small walkthrough for everyone.

Linking your account in Discord is used so you can access more Discord permissions such as changing your nickname, as well as accessing picture uploads. This is a required step when applying for staff!

You can check out basic information on how to do this in the #information tab.

You need to be in both the Minecraft on the server as well as on the Discord to link your account.

Step 1: Find the Harvest MC bot in the player list on the right side of Discord, and click it to open options.

Step 2: At the bottom of the options, message the bot "
/link <Your Username>". This will open the private message tab with the bot.

Step 3: The bot will search it's database, and find your username online. It will then, send you an in game prompt to follow. Simply type "
/DiscordConfirm" and the bot will link your account.

That's all there is to it! Enjoy your new privileges!
August Puzzle.png
by LittleMissSarah at 11:02 AM
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01001000 01100101 01111001 00100000 01000110 01100001 01110010 01101101 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100001

Welcome to HarvestMC's August Event! This month is a brain stumper of a puzzle. Above is the puzzle in picture format.

Talk freely amongst yourselves to try and figure it out. The solution we're looking for is a color name. This may require multiple steps to get to the solution! Don't get discouraged, hints will be dropped occasionally throughout the month to help guide you through the puzzle if you get stumped.

Huge reward for the player or group of players that figure it out. We encourage working together for this event! Mini puzzles will be sprinkled throughout the month with rewards as well to keep your minds sharp. Good luck, and have fun!
by KitKatlovesMC at 8:21 PM
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Hello HarvestMC members!

Recently, there has been a couple changes to ALL (Builder, Developer, and Helper) applications. Theses changes aren't very big, but it is something to keep in mind if you are thinking about applying for any of these positions or have a pending application. Before I go into detail about what has been changed on the applications, if you currently have a pending application, I encourage you to read this post and make changes by replying to your application thread and updating it with the correct information.

The first change that was made that's the more major of the two changes was the amount of required played time (/played). After being discussed between staff members, it has been decided that the required amount of played time before a player can qualify for applying for any position is now 3 days (72 hours). It has been noted on the applications that you must now have 3 days, so if you are planning on applying in the future, it states under that question that you are required to have 3 days worth of played time.

The second change that was made that was a lot less major than the other change was you are now required to have a Discord. Recently, we have switched over from using Skype to Discord as a form of communication between staff members. Communication is very vital on the staff team and is required for you to be accepted as well as to remain on the team. Who knows, maybe being active in the server's Discord before you apply and while you're waiting for a response to your application could help your chances of getting your desired position. ;)

Here is the server's Discord if you have yet to join: http://discord.gg/FMbXjcr
(I highly encourage you do if you plan on applying or you already have!)

If you have any questions regarding these changes or applications in general, please feel free to ask by replying to this thread!

Have a nice day. :)
by LittleMissSarah at 12:59 AM
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As HarvestMC expands, so does the staff team! But where does the staff come from? Why you of course! With a renewed interest in accepting staff, as well as searching for fresh staff, many people apply without knowing what the server is looking for. This is the fastest way to get denied.

If you follow my tips and ideas, I guarantee you will be a better candidate and blow the other applicants out of the water!

Helper is the lowest position on the staff team - but it might be the most important! Helpers do exactly what it sounds like - they help out the staff team and the players. For the most part, helpers only help encourage the rules, not quite moderate with mutes, kicks, and bans. Helpers are the first person that staff turns to for beta testers, and suggestions for the server. Overall, it's an important role that acts as a stepping stone to bigger and better things!

Guidelines and tips for applying:
  1. Check your playtime with /played . You will always get denied if you are under 48 hours of play time, no exceptions.
  2. Take one minute and google "What is my time zone?" A lot of people will be denied under the idea that if you cannot follow simple instructions then you're not mature enough to be staff. When filling out the application, use the proper timezone code (EST, MST, CT).
  3. Before you apply, as well as once you submit your application, start testing the waters by helping out on the server! Answer questions that new players pose, follow the rules, be kind and considerate to players and staff, as well as be willing to help anyone. Actions speak louder than words!
  4. Forgo empty promises. When applying, don't make any promises about how you're going to swear yourself to the server, or be the best there is. Follow simple guidelines about creating manageable goals. (1. Tell us what makes you different from the other applicants. 2. Tell us something that you've done in the past to prove to us you would be a good staff member. 3. Give an example of something you've done on the server (with witnesses) about how you've handled the rules or helped a player in an exceptional way.)
  5. Do not bother staff about checking the applications....
by BlobbyGuy at 3:11 AM
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The following players found the 30 eggs and were entered into the draw:
Blobbyguy - 30
HexedHero - 30
Darth_Gator0727 - 30
DeadlyFirex - 30
HeliumCow - 30
insonotic - 30
Blobaeguy - 30
dravv - 30
HeidiRocks2012 - 30
peglecraft - 30
brenpaba - 30
AerynCringeQueen - 30
Naydra - 30
fride360 - 30
BuddyHC - 30
Colorcube11 - 30
Hades_88 - 30
Pedro9558 - 30
Biria - 30
AlexG__ - 30
Mason_TryHards - 30
Jeff9006 - 30
AHPTurkey - 30
Mattllama_987 - 30
Nick_P19 - 30
Zackattack_56 - 30
RareKare_96 - 30
blaze_with_fire - 30
EternL_Assassin - 30
BrickmeisterUSA - 30
SnoGirl23 - 30
Huttch - 30
Alpine_YT - 30
Lotmom - 30
KitKatlovesMC - 30
bananadude548 - 30
BenguMC - 30
Kian__ - 30
LittleMissSarah - 30
spiritSeeker_FiM - 30
KayThxBye - 30
SteveAustin2000 - 30
yttrin - 30
Punti - 30
LtDarkslayer90 - 30
motoxer2006 - 30
Puntos - 30
GamingHabanero - 30
Gametron13 - 30
Merlynn13 - 30
Starfrost11 - 30
Kurousama - 30
Davidkim622 - 30
BaSSHyPeR - 30
LukeS__ - 30
Atrix_Rixu - 30
KittyKatatonic - 30
Coco_Mango - 30
Char_Smiles - 30
Nuri_Enderwolf - 30
typo7 - 30
Super_Noob123 - 30
slender_bender58 - 30
GAME00000 - 30
Eagle_Momma - 30
CrazyboyzRulez22 - 30
Christian69229 - 30
SheWolf98 - 30
sapphirelion - 30
ScarletBeats - 30
BebeHD - 30
Habition - 30
myindiesims - 30
iiZombieSlayerTv - 30
PurbleMist - 30
lolliepop777 - 30
MikeyToolio - 30
Wynnit - 30
nanaduran8 - 30

The following conditions went as I drew them:
  1. If you already had the designated prize, you were compensated with a voucher of equal value
  2. People were re-entered in each draw. E.g. If someone was drawn twice, they would receive 2 prizes.
  3. Moderators and up will not be participating in the draw. If they are drawn, their prizes will be re-drawn.

The prizes up for grabs go as follows:
  1. 3 rank upgrades (each drawn separate)
  2. 1 /kit shards
  3. 12 mythical keys

Here are the winners:
This first draw ended up drawing 2 staff members so I re-drew them in the 2nd screen shot.


So in conclusion, the following were selected for prizes:
  • Rank Upgrades
    • Atrix_Rixu
    • nanaduran8
    • SheWolf98
  • Kit Shards
    • LtDarkslayer90
  • 12 Mythical Keys
    • AerynCringeQueen
All prizes will be added to your account.

As for how this event went off, I am extremely happy with it. This was...
by KitKatlovesMC at 7:47 PM
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Hello players! In hope to clear up some confusion and questions regarding applications, there has been a minor change to the applications. No ones current application should be affected by this change.

| Disclaimer Added

Hopefully this clears up the confusion on how and when we do applications. I apologize for not putting this disclaimer here before hand.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please reply to this thread.

Have a nice day. :)

by BenguMC at 1:45 AM
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Our systems have been fixed from last month, but we are late on announcing the winners once again! This is due in part to the recent reset we under went, but was mostly because we forgot entirely about it. We apologize for the inconveniences, but are looking forward to the next cycle to begin.

The winners of this contest for voting are as follows:
DavidKim622 - With 100 total votes

Pedro9558 - With 98 total votes
KyDiamonds - With 80 total votes
ckv13 - With 71 total votes

Please note:
If you are a winner and have not been messaged on the forums yet, it's because your account is not listed under your forums account. To do so, please add your minecraft account to your forums account or make your forum account name similar or same to your in-game minecraft username.
As a formality of how things have gone so far, there must be changes in on our system to make it more efficient. Thus, if you want to be considered in our count of top voters for each month's cycle and valid for the drawing you must have a forum account with a similar name to your in-game username or have your minecraft account linked to the account. This is so we can easily find you at the start of the month and give out the vouchers accordingly. Thank you all for understanding, and we hope to see you all back in-game soon!
by BenguMC at 8:29 PM
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Hey Farmers! We're back again, and we're here to announce something BIG! We will be resetting the server on March 5th, 2017 to better benefit the masses and allow you to gain new experiences. What's this mean for you though? Continue reading below to find out.


As many of you may know, there's been a rumored reset to come in the past few months, this will act as exactly that. We reset the server as needed due to different concerns brought up in the community. As we've progressed from our initial launch in August for our 2.0 update, we have grown a ton, in experience, players, and activity. With that being said, we're an economy server, and at a certain point there needs to be adjustments to the eco to make sure that things are running squeaky clean. We're excited to bring new content to the server, but we need to work from the ground up and this is the next step in the long process that is developing an economy server.
As this is a full reset the server entirely will reset all player data on March 5th, 2017. This means that all plots, balances, inventories, in-game ranks (not /buy or donor) and ender-chests will be deleted. The reason behind this reset is to benefit the players and allow the economy to work as a more fluid organization of players.
The simple answer to this commonly asked question is no, this is an intentional reset and will allow all players an even and fresh start. The only compensation that will be made is a large sale on the webstore to allow players to obtain ranks, keys, and kits at a discounted rate. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to leave them below.​
by BenguMC at 1:50 AM
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Holy cow, you all did amazing this past month! All in all we totaled just over 10,000 unique votes! I could not be more impressed by how well this community has come together and the immense reaches we have grown in just a month, I'm seriously amazed!

With that being said, not everything went as smoothly as we had hoped it would. We realized early on in the month our system wasn't capturing the votes as we had intended it to and wouldn't provide the most accurate results as to who the top voters were. With that being said I've also been very ill and not on the computer during the past week or so - and I was unable to actually retrieve the data from the sites themselves.

We're brand new to all of this and want voting to still be rewarding to the players willing to put in their time and energy towards our community, but we are unable to provide our top efforts this month. Below is a list of what happened, and what we plan to do to make things right for the top voters and what we will do in the future to prevent further issues.​

While our system had not captured the top voters and recorded them correctly, we are unable to have a definitive answer as to who actually won by the exact amounts, but with the help of the community - we will find the correct winners and be giving out the prize amounts to the top five players nonetheless. We are aware of a few players on the list, but not entirely sure who composed the top five. Below if you could - we would appreciate your input on who you believe were in the top five voters of January. We would like to have an agreeable top 5 list by the 15th of this month so we can push these rewards out to the winners as soon as possible. (A few players we know were near the top of the top five are Trinity_Force and Mason_TryHards, leaving another three unclaimed.)
In hopes of preventing similar altercations in the months that follow, we have now implemented a server-side counter of votes. (We were aware of the issue last month, midway through the month and decided not to implement the system then because of...
by KitKatlovesMC at 12:52 AM
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Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great day! :)

| Application Forms

Helper, builder, and developer applications are all available now. When you are applying, please apply in the correct forum section or select the correct application form when applying from the "Application Forms" tab at the top.

| Changes (Important!)

Senior staff has decided to change the way applications will be handled and the process of going through it. As you may have noticed, moderator applications are no longer an availability. It has been decided that everyone has to apply for helper first and then go from there. Senior staff would then pick helpers to be mods. Please note that not every helper will be guaranteed promoted to mod or be guaranteed to be promoted to mod straight away. If you do get accepted as a helper, please do not nag us about choosing you to be a mod. This will only lower your chances and may result in other consequences! To anyone who currently has an application pending that applied for moderator, your application will now stand as a helper application and you do NOT have to reapply.​

If you have any questions about anything regarding staff applications, please reply to this thread!

Have a nice day. :)